Justice Organization Sharing Hope & United for Action (JOSHUA) is an interfaith coalition of faith communities joined together to bridge differences and focus on common values to address community concerns.

JOSHUA dedicates itself to:

  • Celebrating and respecting our diversity and our varied faith values of justice.
  • Stimulating creative efforts to improve our community through dialogue both in the public and private sector, and through education and action.

Mission Statement

JOSHUA deepends relationships within and among congregations and empowers people to act together for justice in pursuit of their individual and collective interests.

What is JOSHUA?

We are a nonprofit, interfaith social justice organization located in Brown County.

JOSHUA is committed to doing more than just offering a helping hand. Rather than simply providing assistance, we seek to form a community of neighbors who can together make our community a place where everyone has a chance to succeed.

To create change, JOSHUA utilizes:
Helping people better understand how their faith impacts issues affecting their community;
Ordinary people learning to effectively participate in issues of justice;
Speaking with a common voice for our values; and
Moving beyond the walls of our churches to make our presence felt and to transform our community.

Current Issues include Criminal Justice Reform, Housing and Environmental Justice