God With Us

When I lived in New Jersey I noticed several people had large bamboo plants around their home. It acted like a fencing and provided some privacy for homes on busy streets. I asked about these plants and was told these tall, green stocks would last through winter. I was cautioned to not plant these unless I would want lots and lots of it. This plant grows tall, multiplies and is hard to contain.
Long ago peace and compassion were planted in our world in Bethlehem in the Immanuel, God with us. This Divine incarnation led to new growth of peace, compassion and hope. It has not been stopped or contained, even death on the cross could not stop God with us in Christ Jesus.
This compassion and peace is still growing and spreading. The incarnation, God made flesh, is about a God who seeks to dwell with humanity. God is still alive in open hearts and souls.
Advent and Christmas is a celebration of this God come to earth. It is more than a once a year celebration as God continues to work in open hearts. Inwardly transformed by Christ’s love, we can become like that New Jersey Bamboo in that we become a contagious, uncontainable force for peace, love and hope.

In Advent’s Hope and Christmas’ Peace,
Pastor Marian

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