Covenant Anew! Covenant Sunday is October 30th

Covenant Anew- 2016

Every Autumn season we take time to reflect on our life as disciples following Jesus Christ. We recognize that being a Christian is not about a statement of faith made years ago or a name in a membership book.  Rather it is a lived relationship with Christ and with faith community.  It is a lived reality that defines our days and directs our future.   In October we will spend time on Sundays considering our commitments to follow Jesus as part of faith community. 


Specifically, consider where you are in your relationship with Jesus.  Consider if there are ways to strengthen that relationship through prayer, worship, study or action.   Prayerfully reflect on your relationship as part of a church community.   What are the ways the community could nurture your faith and how can you contribute to the ministries of the community? 


Starting October 9th we’ll have covenant cards available for your prayerful consideration.  If you are ready to covenant anew these cards can be a tangible sign of our intention to follow Christ and contribute to the work of Christ through our time, abilities and finances as part of West Side Moravian Church.


This time of reflection and discernment will continue through October.  Sunday, October 3oth is Covenant Sunday.  We can bring forward our covenant cards and a simple Cup of Covenant service will be offered during worship this day.  The Cup of Covenant is another tangible sign of one’s willingness to follow Christ, not alone, but with a community. 


Don’t fill out the covenant card and do not share in the Cup of Covenant if you are not serious about following Christ and sharing that walk with church community.  It’s ok to wait and pray on this choice more.   


As we move toward Covenant Sunday ask yourself if this is a time to renew your covenant and commitment to follow as Jesus’ disciple.  Is it a time for you to renew your commitment to be part of this faith community with your time, abilities and financial resources? 


Consider what it means to Covenant Anew…

Pastor Marian

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