Actions Speak~ Reflections on the West Congregation

Actions Speak!

We follow a God whose actions speak and communicate who God is and what God is about.  God creates, God redeems in the life, death, resurrection of Jesus Christ, and God sanctifies by the Spirit (makes holy).   Our response to God transcends a creed spoken in worship.  It is the lived faith of so many that reflect a faithfulness to God our creator in serving and respecting all God’s creation.  It is the lived faith that extends compassion to reflect the heart of Christ. Also, the openness to the Holy Spirit that leads one on a path of Holy action. The actions of West Moravians speak and reflect a lived faithfulness to our God.  Actions speaking through…

  • ·         children, youth and adults offering praise to our God at Sunday or Wednesday worship
  • ·         gifts share in worship leadership
  • ·         fellowship through our trip to Noah’s Ark
  • ·         camping ministries at Mt. Morris for children, youth, and Little Lambs camp here at West for pre-school and kindergarten age children. 
  • ·         absorbing the gift of sunlight from our Creator in our roof top Solar Panels
  • ·         exploring new ways to be in community and service through a trip to Tricklebee Café in Milwaukee and plans for a trip to Jamaica in 2017
  • ·         Crafters and Caring at work to explore new opportunities to serve
  • ·         care happening behind the scenes in prayers shared, meals given, help offered
  • ·         Boards and Committees hard at work to lead and guide ministries
  • ·         generous stewards giving to daily operations, service and outreach of our congregation
  • ·         justice work happening through JOSHUA in youth mental health trainings and pray vigils for inmates, correctional officers, and legislators
  • ·         meals fed and community expanded through Loaves and Fishes and NEW Community Shelter

Thank you for your example and active faith.  It inspires me to live in faithfulness to our God.  I am very hopeful about all the opportunities we have before us to learn from a God who continues to act in and through the church.  Thank you for your active response to our God and sharing this life of faith in church community. 

Pastor Marian

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