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Walking to nurture Mind, Body and Spirit

Stewardship Of Health  

            I inherited from my grandmother a print of Jesus walking along a road with two of his disciples.  The print depicts the walk to Emmaus, which is one of my favorite stories from the Gospel of Luke (Luke 24:13-35).  The story takes shape on the day of resurrection as two disciples are walking from Jerusalem to a village called Emmaus.   While they were walking a stranger joined them on the journey.  In the breaking of the bread they realize that this man is the risen Christ.  This text invites us to reflect on moments when we have experienced the presence of Jesus.  Have we met Jesus on a road of sorrow?  Have we met Jesus in the daily routines of life?  Have we only realized later Jesus’ presence?  These and many other reflections can emerge from this Easter text. 

During the second half of April through the end of the Easter Season (May 15th)  you are invited to delve into this text- mind, body and soul. April 17th– May 15th we will host a Walk to Emmaus Challenge.  The Gospel account says the journey is about seven miles so we encourage you to walk 7 miles each of these weeks.  For some of you this may mean adding 7 miles onto the miles you already walk or run. For some this is a brand new additional to your day.  For some of you adding a mile a day could be far too much and it could be an extra 70 steps a day or another variation.  The important thing is to do something every day.  We’ll provide you with materials to make this a prayerful journey and these will be available for pick up on Sunday, April 10th.  You can also have them emailed to you by emailing pastor@wsmoraviangb.org. 

            Embrace this Easter season as a time to tend to your spiritual journey and with the warmer weather attend to your whole self- mind, body and soul. 

Walking with you,

Pastor Marian

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