Pastor’s Monthly Letter

What Is Your Why?

Why am I a follower of Jesus Christ? There are many answers to this one question that emerge each day as I experience Christ at work. However, one of the foundational experiences of my faith set me more firmly on the path of following Jesus. My “why” has to do with growing up on a block that was literally divided by an old and defunct railroad track. I heard the term “wrong side of the tracks” from neighbors and learned the other side of the tracks was literally where one didn’t want to find themselves. Beyond the tracks was evidence of pockets of poverty and rumored instances of crime. I remember feeling fearful of that part of the neighborhood and at the same time wondering if my home could be on someone else’s “wrong side of the tracks”. I wondered about the other children my age living on this “other side of the tracks”.

At the same time my family and church community exposed me to the stories of Jesus who cares about the welfare of children, women and men regardless of economic status. I learned stories about a God who values the needs of the poor and those on the margins. I saw church communities in the Spirit of Christ pointing out that God is on both sides of our human made boundaries like “the wrong side of the tracks”. I encountered a God who cared deeply about my neighbors and about my family in economic hardship or health trials. This was a God I wanted to follow. This is just one story that speaks to why I am a follower of Christ.

What is your why? Why are you a follower of Jesus Christ? Why do you share in church community with other Jesus followers? These questions and more we will explore through the month of October. As we all consider our journey as followers hopefully we’ll gain more clarity, and grow in commitment in the journey ahead. Our annual Covenant Sunday will be held Sunday, October 28th to renew our commitments to following. The whole community is invited to renew their commitment to Christ and church community. If you are interested in taking this step for the first time as an official member please talk to me.

Join us through the month of October in worship and join us for our annual
Covenant Sunday on October 28th!

In Christ,
Pastor Marian