Letter of Hope in Response to Grief~ July 8, 2016

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

In this first week of July, the… Moravian Church Northern Province has observed Canada Day on July 1 and Independence Day on July 4 – two celebrations of national pride and identity – and the anniversary of the martyrdom of John Hus on July 6 – when we remember not only what one man died for, but more importantly, what one man lived for.

Today, the Moravian Church Northern Province grieves for lives lost – in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in suburban St. Paul, Minnesota, and in Dallas, Texas – victims of violence. We grieve for lives lost in Baghdad and Bangladesh – also victims of violence. Each of these lives matter, regardless of their color. Each of these lives, whether police officers or victims of police brutality or terrorism, were killed for reasons that are deeply disturbing. Each of these lives matter, whether Christian or Muslim or something else. Each of these lives matter because every one was created in the image of God, holy and beloved.

In 1415, as John Hus faced a decision to recant his faith and live, or stand firm in his faith and die, some of his friends urged him to say whatever was needed to stay alive, arguing that he could do more good for the cause alive than dead. John Hus could not turn his back on God and the faith he held so strongly, and thus was burned at the stake on July 6. We Moravians often talk about what he died for. Today, I believe we need to talk about what John Hus lived for – a world where individuals can hold the faith of their choosing, where ordinary people can speak truth to power, where everyday folks can live peacefully without the fear of violence, where people of every color can live in community, and people of every religion or no religion at all care for one another, where all lives are sacred and God is honored as holy.

I call on Moravians everywhere to live for our faith so that others no longer need to die for their faith, or their color, or their position, or their economic status. I invite us to acknowledge and confess our own role in fomenting racism and religious discrimination, whether by our deeply held, interior prejudices, or our silence in the public sphere. I call on every Moravian to abandon the excuse that such violence against black lives or police officers or children or immigrants doesn’t happen ‘in our back yard’. Take the initiative and risk leaving the safety of our churches and neighborhoods to establish authentic relationships with our brothers and sisters across town, in the ‘back yards’ that exist in every community. It is time for us – as people of faith – to say ‘enough’ and find ways to build bridges of love and hope. It is time for us – as people of faith – to say ‘yes’ to loving, respecting, and caring for our neighbors across the street and around the world.

Betsy Miller
President, Provincial Elders’ Conference
Moravian Church Northern Province

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Prayers for Orlando- Sunday, June 19th during morning worship at 9am

This Sunday, June 19th as part of the prayer time during worship we will invite people to light candles for those most closely impacted by the recent mass shooting in Orlando.
The light for us is a symbol of Christ, who weeps with those who grieve and calls us to compassion and peace.candle

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NEW Community Shelter

One of our meal ministries is serving dinner at NEW Community Shelter.  The next meal is to be served Sunday, June 19th at 4:30pm.  If you’d like to help email pastor@wsmoraviangb.org

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Sunday, May 29th- Guest Preacher

The Rev. Dr. Betsy Miller, President of the Provincial Elders of the Moravian Church, Northern Province, will share the sermon this day.  In the afternoon Betsy will be officiating at Nick and Marian’s wedding. 

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Sunday, May 22nd Worship at Heritage Hill State Park

Worship will be held at Heritage Hill State Park at 9am.  Due to the Cellcom Marathon it is very difficult to get to the 1707 S. Oneida site this day for worship.  We are blessed to have the wonderful alternative of the historic East Moravian Church building at Heritage Hill.  Use Hwy. 172 or Webster Ave to get to Heritage Hill to avoid the marathon traffic.  If you would like to bring a snack for fellowship time on the lawn, please sign up on the office bulletin board.

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Pentecost & Confirmation Sunday- May 15th

Sunday, May 15th is the celebration of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit of God filled the first disciples with power and purpose.  This Pentecost our celebrations involve nine youth who have been led by this Spirit to confirm their faith and grow into young adulthood as followers of Christ and members of church community.

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JOSHUA Night Out- Pizza Ranch

Join us for dinner at Pizza Ranch on Monday, May 23rd from 4pm-8pm.  Part of the proceeds will benefit JOSHUA and you’ll be greeted and served by JOSHUA volunteers!


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  • JOSHUA’S Dare to Be Powerful A day of training focused on leadership development, team building and action.  Saturday, June 11th from 9am-4pm.  The cost is $25 and lunch is included.  Training is at First United Presbyterian Church in DePere at 605 N. Webster Ave.
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April Greetings

On behalf of West Side Moravian Church I invite you to join us in worship, service, community and spiritual growth through this Easter Season. 

I think one amazing thing about our community is the focus on putting our faith in action.  You’ll see that this month in meals served both at NEW Shelter and at our Loaves and Fishes breakfast program.  Happens through our Crafter and Caring group working hard at spring cleaning our building.  Faith in action takes shape in our care for God’s creation and being part of JOSHUA’s Environmental Issue night on April 21st.  Also, a very faithful Christian Education team and congregation organizing fundraisers to send children and youth to summer camps. 

Join us as we follow Christ this month!

wedding picPeace, Pastor Marian Boyle


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Tricklebee Cafe- Milwaukee

stickerFive of us from West traveled to Tricklebee Café in Milwaukee.  This is a ministry of the Moravian Church led by the Rev. Christy Melby Gibbons.  We helped with renovation work at what will be a pay what you can café offering nutritional food in an area of the city lacking access to healthy foods.  While in Milwaukee our group participated in a “food stamp” challenge that involved having $1 to buy lunch at the local Family Dollar, which provides the best access to food in the area.  We could work in teams of four and were asked to make this meal as nutritional as possible.  We prepared the food at the Spirit of Peace Lutheran Church and learned more about their ministry.  We are very grateful for the opportunity to learn and help a bit in this effort to offer needed resources for our neighbors to the south. 

If you would like to learn more about Tricklebee Café check out their facebook page at www.facebook.com/tricklebeecafe

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