JOSHUA is an interfaith justice ministry our congregation shares with other faith communities and individuals throughout Brown County. We also share work with affiliate organizations throughout Wisconsin working locally and state wide on issues that impact us all. Below are a few highlights:

· There is a JOSHUA Leadership Retreat on Saturday, March 21st at St. Matthew’s Catholic Parish from 9am-1pm with a potluck lunch. This is for existing participants in JOSHUA and also those interested in learning more.

· Prison Reform Forum at Divine Temple Congregation downtown at 425 Cherry Street from 6:30pm-8pm. This is open to the public to hear about current situations affecting the corrections system and needed reforms such as treatment alternatives for non -violent offenders living with mental health concerns, addictions and for our veterans.

· Get On the Bus!! Madison Action Day is a time for people of faith across Wisconsin to share our faith values and speak to the issues impacted by the proposed state budget. This is held every other year when the state budget is proposed. Two years ago we had a bus load from Green Bay attend along with over 900 people throughout the state. This year’s Action Day is Wednesday, April 29th. The busses leave at 6:30am from West Side Moravian Church and the day involves sharing from faith leaders, workshops, lunch and then to the capitol to meet with our legislators. We hope to return to Green Bay by 6:30pm. The cost is $25 for the day.

Ongoing Task Force Gatherings:

· The Migration Advocacy Network addresses issues immigrants face in our communities and meets the second Monday of the month at 6:30pm at St. Willebrod Parish.

· JOSHUA’s Mental Health Committee meets at West Moravian the first Thursday of the month at 6:30pm and is chaired by Cheryl Weber.

· Religious Leaders gather for lunch the first Thursday of the month. Location rotates.

· The 11×15 Committee at work on reform for our corrections system locally and statewide meets the fourth Thursday of the month at 5pm. This month’s meeting will be cancelled due to the Prison Reform Forum happening that same evening (See above). Pastor Marian chairs this group.

You are invited to be part of this ministry. If you have questions please speak to our congregational core team leader- Judy Winney.

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Solar Energy

Renewable energy is part of our mission at West Side Moravian Church. As stewards of all God entrusts to us we see this stewardship to include how we care for God’s creation. In 2011 we made an investment in solar panels. These are located on the flat roof over the Fellowship Hall. These panels capture solar energy that is then funneled to Wisconsin Public Service.

These solar panels were purchased at a total cost of $119,000. However, we qualified for a grant of $70,836, which covered over half the cost for the panels. This grant was given by Focus on Energy of Wisconsin and Wisconsin Public Service. The remaining funds we borrowed from existing investment funds. We are paying ourselves back each month from the savings we realize from the operation of the solar panels.

This investment has lessened our negative impact on the environment for our congregation and other groups who utilize our facility. This is one way we can contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment and witness to our faith values.

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Observation from My Pew by Myra Fercy

Some years ago, our Bible study class was challenged to try to paraphrase the first 18 verses of the Gospel of John. That was a real challenge.

I call it:


This day began at 12:01 AM, according to man, and my atomic clock. But long, long before that time, God created the world and this day. It all began with God. The Word, or Jesus was God, and all things were made possible through him. The cool crisp air, the bright morning light of the sun, and the flowers that have survived the first danger of frost. There was a light that breaks through the darkness, just as the morning light broke through the darkness of night, so to this Light broke through the darkness of Sin, and it gives light and life to all things.

He was here and the world came into being through him, but no one knew it. Even his friends and neighbors didn’t acknowledge him. To those who believed in him were given the power to become the children of God. (that’s more than could ever be promised by a candidate in any election.)

He became flesh, a real man and lived in our neighborhood, but we didn’t even bid him the time of day. We have seen his glory. That is the glory of a Father who is proud of his son. (Remember how proud you were when your son became an Eagle Scout?) This Son was full of grace and truth. From this grace we have received many blessings.

The Law came from Moses many years earlier, but this Grace and Truth came to us through Jesus. Since no one has ever seen God, it is through His son, Jesus being close to his Father’s heart, who had made him known to us.

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Worship Ministry ~ Schedule Updates

Worship Ministry

Schedule Update

On a week to week basis prior to January, worship volunteers used a sign-up sheet located in the fellowship hall. Unfortunately, there was sometimes a shortage of volunteers, or the same generous people would step forward all the time. That sheet is still being used, but only for volunteering for snacks during fellowship time.

Since January, however, volunteer names have been entered into a rotating schedule for the areas that each volunteer chose. Most greeters and readers assist at one service in a four month period, while ushers currently assist twice during a four month period.

The worship service committee will be compiling an updated schedule for May through August soon, and would appreciate input and comments from all involved, as well as hearing from any newly interested members. Major requests can usually be observed, (such as the return of “snowbirds” during the summer months, or being paired with a designated individual). When minor conflicts arise however, switching dates with someone else on the list, and notifying the church office, so the correct name will be published in the worship bulletin is advised.

Service committee members include Pastor Marian, Bill Madden, Jim Huss, Mary Schlader, Kailyn Schlader, and Emily Tewes. They all look forward to your comments or concerns.

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Men’s & Women’s Bake-Off

On Sunday, February 1st we held a bake off with men competing against the women. The total raised is $684 with $303 raised by the Men and $381 raised by the Women. Funds go to the sanctuary roof fund. Thank you to all who provided baked goods, and contributed to the bake off.

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Men’s & Women’s Bake-Off

On Sunday, February 1st we held a bake off with men competing against the women. The total raised is $684 with $303 raised by the Men and $381 raised by the Women. Funds go to the sanctuary roof fund. Thank you to all who provided baked goods, and contributed to the bake off.

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Church Council News

Church Council gathered on Sunday, February 1st to share in conversation about our shared ministry. We welcomed Courtney Bauder and John Deuchert to the Board of Elders and Bruce Deuchert to the Board of Trustees. Judy Winney and Mike Schalder were elected to serve as delegates to our 2016 Western District Synod with Chuck Martin and Rita Klubertanz serving as alternate delegates. Some questions were shared about our solar panels and we have an update on this included in this newsletter. Conversation was shared regarding our 2014 financials and a budget for 2015 was approved. The boards welcome questions of financials and church ministries throughout the year.

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Meal Ministry

Loaves and Fishes ~ We continue to share food and fellowship the fourth Saturday of the month from 8am-10am. This month’s breakfast is on Saturday, March 28th. In addition to feeding hungry stomachs, our ministry is dedicated to showing our guests warmth and hospitality while providing a place of fellowship. If you are interested in volunteering at an upcoming breakfast please contact Emily Tewes at either or 920-246-2478.

Meal at NEW Community Shelter ~ Serving an every other month meal at NEW Community Shelter is one of the outreach programs of our congregation. The next meal will be shared Sunday, April 19th at 4:30pm. Please make sure to volunteer with John Sorenson or sign up on the office bulletin board. Please contact John if you can help serve or can help in preparing the main course, and other items needed for the meal. Items for donation to the meal can be brought to the shelter at 4:30pm or to morning worship that day.

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Holy Week Services and Times

Beginning with worship 9am on Palm Sunday, March 29th which the Sunday School will lead.

Mon, March 30th- Wed, April 1st

Holy Week Worship

(Scriptures, Prayer and Music)


Maundy Thursday, April 2nd Holy Communion

at 12pm and 6pm

Good Friday, April 3rd

Worship at 12:00pm

Easter Sunday, April 5th

Sunrise Service at 6:00am starting in the church sanctuary and then journey to the Ashwaubenon Cemetery with Breakfast to follow at church.

Easter Worship at 9:00am

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Lenten Worship

We invite you to join in worship Sunday mornings at 9am and Wednesday evenings at 6pm. The theme during Lent is Covenant. When we speak of Covenant it points to God who throughout the years has sought to be in right relationship with humanity. Who is our God and longs for us to be God’s people. Covenant is a relationship that humanity from time to time breaks. The power of this Covenant lies with God whose love will not stop. God will try new ways to reach humanity as times change and human brokenness, violence and fear rises up anew. God will not give us up. The Covenant speaks of the relationship God keeps seeking to have with all humanity. This Lenten season we are invited to share in this Covenant relationship with our God.

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