June Calendar

June 2015










530pm Fundraising Comm. Meeting

630pm Elders Mtg.


9-1130am Poverty Symposium in Kitchen/Fellowship


630pm Joshua Mental Health Mtg.


Office Closed


8am Men’s Fellowship Breakfast

3pm Vow Rehersal


9am Worship

Holy CommunionBible Book of Month

*Noah’s Ark Ticket Payment Due to Nancy Knaption

Pastor Marian away at Continuing Education Event



6pm CEC Meeting



6pm Crafters


Office Closed


Baby Shower



9am Worship





645am Noah’s Ark Bus Trip


Office Closed

Wedding Rehersal


Paige Pamperin & Matthew’s Wedding

21 Father’s Day

9am Worship

Root Beer Floats w/Dads

430pm NEW Meal


530pm Trustees



630pm Chapel Service


5pm Joshua 11 x 15


Office Closed


8am Loaves & Fishes


9am Worship



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Scrip Fundraising

Scrip Fundraising You have an opportunity to take part in our church’s fundraising through your everyday purchases. By using Scrip, gift cards are purchased and a percentage of the value is give back to our church. Below we have provided a few examples to show how it works.

Example #1: You want to try it out, so you purchase $100 @ Kwik Trip for gasoline (they give 4%) and you purchase $100 @ Copps for groceries (they give 4%). $200 × 4% = $8 goes to Westside Moravian Roof Fund. If every family in our congregation does this example above, $8 × 120 families = $960 for the month. $960 × 7 months (# of months left in 2015) =$6,720.

Example #2: You would like plan for groceries & gasoline, but you’d like to plan a date night. ~ $200 @ Kwik Trip (they give 4%) [$8]; $300 @ Copps (they give 4%) [$12]; $50 @ Chili’s, for date night, (they give 11%) [$5.50]; $25 @ Marcus Theaters, for date night, (they give 9%) [$2.25]; The total amount West Side Moravian would receive is$27.75 $27.75 × 120 families = $3330 × 7 months =$23,310

Order Form: Date _____________________________ Paid Check #________________ Cash ________________

Name____________________________________________________________ Order Total: ___________________

Address __________________________________________________________Picked Up ____________________

City, State, Zip __________________________________________ Email__________________________________

Please make checks payable to West Side Moravian Church

Groceries: ○ Copps (4%) $25 qty_____, $50 qty_____, $100 qty_____, Total:_________

○ Piggly Wiggly (3%) $25 qty_____, $50 qty_____, $100 qty_____, Total:_________

○ Festival Foods (4%) $25 qty_____, $100 qty_____, Total:_________

Gasoline: ○ Kwik Trip (4%) $25 qty_____, $50 qty _____, Total:_________

○ Shell (2.5%) $25 qty _____, $50 qty _____, $100 qty ____, Total:_________

○ Express Convenience Centers (9%) $25 qty _____, $100 qty ____, Total:_________

Restaurants: ○ Chili’s (11%) $25 qty _____, $50 qty _____, Total:_________

○ Starbucks (7%) $10 qty _____, $25 qty _____, Total:_________

○ Olive Garden (9%) $25 qty _____, Total:_________

○ Red Lobster (9%) $25 qty _____, Total:_________

○ Applebee’s (8%) $25 qty _____, $50 qty _____, Total:_________

○ Subway (6% ) $10 qty _____, $50 qty _____, Total:_________

○ Buffalo Wild Wings(8%) $10 qty _____, $25 qty _____, Total:_________

Office Supplies: ○ Office Depot (5%) $25 qty _____, $100 qty _____, Total:_________

Craft Stores: ○ JoAnn Fabrics (8%) $25 qty _____, Total:_________

Entertainment: ○ Marcus Theaters (9%) $25 qty _____, $100 qty _____, Total:_________

Retailers: ○ Old Navy (16%) $25 qty_____, $100 qty _____ Total:_________

○ Cabela’s (11%) $25 qty _____, $100 qty _____, Total:_________

○ Barnes & Noble (9%) $10 qty ____, $25 qty _____, $100 qty ____, Total:_________

○ Walgreens (6%) $25 qty _____, $100 qty _____, Total:_________

○ CVS (6%) $25 qty _____, $100 qty _____, Total:_________

○ Target (2.5%) $25 qty _____, $50 qty ______, $100 qty ____, Total:_________

○ Shopko (3%) $25 qty _____, $100 qty _____, Total:_________

○ T J Maxx/Home Goods (7%) $25 qty ______, $100 qty _____, Total:_________

Online Shopping: ○ Restaurant.com (50%) $20 qty _____, Total:_________

○ Groupon.com (7%) $25 qty _____, Total:_________

○ iTunes (5%) $15 qty _____, $25 qty _____, Total:_________

○ Shutterfly (11%) $25 qty _____, Total:_________

Travel: ○ Variety Hotels & Rental Cars Other/s:________________________________________________

If you go to a business that isn’t listed please contact us to verify availability. There are hundreds of businesses available, we just selected a few in each category to get started.

Scrip Contacts: Brenda Wolff 920-707-3431; Kailyn Schlader 920-676-8651; or

Pastor Marion 920-499-4433; or you may email us at wsmoravianscrip@gmail.com

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Joshua News

JOSHUA is an interfaith justice ministry our congregation shares with other faith communities and individuals throughout Brown County. We also share work with affiliate organizations throughout Wisconsin working locally and state wide on issues that impact us all. Below are a few highlights:

May Events!

· Fix this Budget Now JOSHUA is part of a grassroots coalition of concerned citizens about the educational, environmental, and health and human service impacts of our State Budget. We had a Rally on May 5th and work continues. More information can be found at https://www.facebook.com/fixthisbudgetNOW

· Mental Health Public Forum on Tuesday, May 19th at 6:30pm at Union Congregation United Church of Christ, 716 S. Madison Street, Green Bay. The forum’s focus in on the importance of CIT (Crisis Intervention Training) for Brown County Law Enforcement and Green Bay Police.

· Engaging Voices, Strengthening Communities Sustainers Event This is a fundraising one-hour event that focuses on the mission of JOSHUA and our impact in Brown County. There is no cost to attend. Guests are encourage to make a contribution to the work of JOSHUA. It is Thursday, May 21st at 5pm at West Side Moravian Church.

· Cyberworks Recycling Event Bring items for recycling and part of the proceeds will go to JOSHUA. The event is Saturday, May 30th from 8am-12non at West Side Moravian Church. Bring the following items for free recycling:

Computers, Laptops, Printers, Keyboards/Mice, Radios, Servers, Fax Machines, Wire and Cabling, Telephone Systems, Modems, Stereo Systems, Video Equipment, Cell phones, Copiers, Mechanical Equipment, Machinery, Office Furniture, Power Cords, Microwaves,

De Humidifiers, Appliances

These items carry a charge to recycle:

$10.00 LCD Monitor

$10.00 TV’s or Monitors 29

inches or less

$30.00 TV’s or Monitors 30

inches and over

$30.00 All Console TV’s,

Rear Projection TV’s

Ongoing JOSHUA Task Force Gatherings:

The Migration Advocacy Network addresses issues immigrants face in our communities and meets the second Monday of the month at 6:30pm at St. Willebrod Parish.

JOSHUA’s Mental Health Committee meets at West Moravian the first Thursday of the month at 6:30pm and is chaired by Cheryl Weber.

Religious Leaders gather for lunch the first Thursday of the month and in May meeting at the Brown County Jail.

The 11×15 Committee at work on reform for our corrections system locally and statewide meets the fourth Thursday of the month at 5pm. Pastor Marian chairs this group.

You are invited to be part of this ministry. If you have questions please speak to our congregational core team leader- Judy Winney.

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Crafters Ministry

The Crafter’s Ministry meets Thursday, May 14th at 6pm. The group is continues to work on prayer shawls but also explore new directions in sharing meals, canning workshops, and mission projects for our church community and larger communities.

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Bible Study

Wednesday Morning Join us in a time of fellowship, prayer and Bible study on Wednesday mornings from 9:30am-11am. We will meet through May with our last session on Wednesday, May 27th. We are currently learning about other faith traditions.

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Meal Ministry

Loaves and Fishes ~ We continue to share food and fellowship the fourth Saturday of the month from 8am-10am. This is the fourth Saturday of every month and will be on Saturdays, May 23rd and June 27th. In addition to feeding hungry stomachs, our ministry is dedicated to showing our guests warmth and hospitality while providing a place of fellowship. If you are interested in volunteering at an upcoming breakfast please contact Emily Tewes at either etewes@gmail.com or 920-246-2478.

Meal at NEW Community Shelter ~ Serving an every other month meal at NEW Community Shelter is one of the outreach programs of our congregation. The next meal will be shared Sunday, June 21st at 4:30pm. Please make sure to volunteer with John Sorenson or sign up on the office bulletin board. Please contact John if you can help serve or can help in preparing the main course, and other items needed for the meal. Items for donation to the meal can be brought to the shelter at 4:30pm or to morning worship that day.

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Moravian Summer Camps

Our young people have a wonderful opportunity to experience the fun, fellowship and joy of participation in the camping ministries at the Moravian Conference Center in Mt. Morris. Camps are provided for children and youth completing 1st grade through age 21. Information and registration is available online at www.wdcamping.com or by contacting the church office or Joy Hicks(490-8785) for paper forms. Please register early and let Joy or Lori know that you have done so if you wish to accept monies available from the Camp Fund.

4M Camp ~ August 17-19

(completing Grades 1&2)

Junior Camp ~ July 6-10

(completing Grades 3,4 &5)

Primitive(Ba6) Camp

August 17-19

(completing Gr 3,4,5 & 6)

Winmor Camp

July 26 – August 1

(completing Grades 6,7 &8)

Chetek Camp

July 19-25

(completing Grades 9 – age 21)

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Noah’s Ark Bus Trip

Thursday, June 18th – Noah’s Ark Trip – Again this year we will be making our trip to Wisconsin Dells. The cost will be $25 for the ticket into Noah’s Ark, the bus, tip for the bus driver and lunch which includes hot dog, chips pickle and a soda. For anyone that is interested we are going to do the “Buffet By the Bus” again for dinner. A signup sheet of items will be posted on the bulletin board for individuals to bring. Coolers will be provided for food items along with tables for the buffet. If you aren’t interested in participating, you can bring a bag lunch or purchase dinner inside Noah’s Ark. The bus will be in the church parking lot at 6:45am, leaving by 7:00am. The bus will leave Noah’s Ark at 5:30pm.

See the signup sheet located on the bulletin board in the Narthex for more details. There is a 56 passenger limit, so don’t forget to sign up. If the bus is full and you are able to drive, you can still get into the park at the group rate. Contact Nancy Knapton with any questions. All Ticket and bus money needs to be to Nancy Knapton no later than Sunday June 7.

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CEC News

From the editorial desk of the one and only Hank:

As mentioned last month, we are not attempting to reschedule a congregational retreat for 2015. However, we have a confirmation date for in 2016 of February 26-28.

Youth ministries activities for May will be considered part of our Mission Sunday May, service and pot luck. In this same vain, please remember to help the children in their collection of small school and health items to be sent to our mission in Honduras. We are tentatively scheduling a Vacation Bible School event for Weds, August 26th. It will be for all children and youth, held from the afternoon into the evening.

CEC wishes to extend a special THANK YOU to all those who helped set up, serve, clean-up, and donate toward another successful Easter Breakfast.

Sunday School – May 10th will be our last class session before summer vacation.

One last pearl from Hank: All those planning to attend camp – Remember to get the health forms which are needed, available either on line or from Joy. It will be most helpful if you will let Joy know if your children and their friends plan to attend. In this way, Joy can make the necessary financial arrangements.

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Pastor’s Page

Spring is in full swing around us and the life of Christ is growing up among us at West Moravian! Within the pages of this newsletter there are many stories of faith in action. I ask you to consider how you can be part of the growth and life of our community.

For example, many have been closely touched by loss and grief this winter; could you be someone to offer prayerful encouragement, visits, prayer shawls or a warm meal.

There are many meals to prepare and serve at New Community Shelter and Loaves and Fishes and maybe this is a ministry you’d like to try on.

We are exploring ways to get further involved in the mission of the Medical Clinic in Honduras. Maybe you sense Christ’s calling to serve here.

We seek good stewards to care for the financial needs of our congregation be that the regular church budget or roof fund or for missions in Ahuas.

We have opportunities for worship Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. Is it on your heart to lift this gift to God regularly from the pew or in worship leadership?

Let us grow in faith and put into action together as West Side Moravian Church!

Peace, Pastor Marian

Sunday, May 17th we are holding worship at the former East Moravian Church at Heritage Hill State Park. Worship will be at 9am followed by a Lovefeast on the lawn. A tram will be provided for transit up and down the hill. Please note the Cellcom marathon is held that day and that is why we are worshiping elsewhere to avoid traffic in getting to the West Moravian location. Please use Hwy 172 and Webster Ave. to get to Heritage Hill to avoid the marathon.


We invite all to share in worship at the Ashwaubenon Chapel at the West Side Moravian Cemetery at the corner of Hwy 172 and Babcock Rd. We host worship starting Wednesday, June 24th through Wednesday, August 12th. Worship begins at 6:30pm. We again welcome volunteers to take leadership of one or more of the worship services. This could be leading a hymn-sing, a more traditional service with hymns, prayers and a sermon, or a time when you share your own spiritual story of God at work in your life. If you have interest in this sign up on the office bulletin board or talk with one of the Elders.

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