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Starting In July~ Sunday Worship is offered online with singing and liturgy at 9am.  At 10am Sunday in person worship with masks, physical distancing, no congregational singing and liturgy.

Wednesday vespers on the lawn at 6pm in person with masks, physical distancing, no congregational singing, liturgy.  This will also be streamed via our Facebook page.  

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WORSHIP JULY 12th, 2020  Summer Theme- Unraveled

Worship Sunday, July 12, 2020

Posted by West Side Moravian Church on Sunday, July 12, 2020



Reading and Reflection on Today’s Moravian Daily Texts

Liturgy              Christian Homes

TUNE: DIX (581 H)

Praise to God, immortal praise, for the love that crowns our days!

Bounteous source of every joy, let your praise our tongues employ;

All to you, our God, we owe, source from which all blessings flow.


Eternal God, Creator of our first home, and our only true Rest, we gather as your family to celebrate our diverse homes, and to seek your blessings on them. God of relationships, you have put within our hearts a longing that only you can satisfy. Yet we need each other to learn of your steadfast love throughout all generations.  Open our hearts, that we may learn from our biblical heritage how to manifest your love.


God our Creator, in the garden you formed our first parents, and found them good. At first in their innocence, they trusted you and helped each other, but they sinned and fell short of your purposes for them.  Forgive us our sins and give us grace to trust you in the goodness of your creation and your design.


You called Sarah and Abraham to go out from their homeland and begin a new nation in covenant with you. In their old age, you gave them a child whose name meant laughter. In our homes, may we live with their trust and courage, their humor, their sense of mission.  Increase our faith and give us grace to answer your call.


You strengthened Ruth and Naomi, in the face of grief and bitterness, to remain loyal to each other and to journey to new life.  Encourage us and give us grace to support each other.


When you came to earth, Incarnate God, you had no place to lay your head. God of the stable, bless the homeless, and bring them to a place of shelter. Keep us aware and give us grace to be family to others.


Rejoicing Savior, you sanctified marriage by your presence at Cana in Galilee. You restored life and health and balance in the home of Mary, Martha, and Lazarus. Be a holy guest within our homes, filling our ordinary days with newness of life and mutual joy.  Grant us the grace to recognize you as the Christ among us, and to be open to your miracles of change.


Suffering God, from the cross you cared for your loved ones, saying to Mary: Woman, behold your son! and to the disciple: Behold your mother! And from that hour the disciple took her to his own home. Bless all families and enable them to form new bonds of love.  Comfort us in our brokenness and give us grace to claim our relationship as your children.


Life-giving Spirit, you came in power to form and guide the church, a family with varied gifts and graces. Grant that church and home may model for each other the nurturing of individuals and the growth of community. We recognize the difficulty of forming family with those who are different from ourselves, and with those who are like ourselves. We confess our failure to love and grow, our impatience for others to change, our blindness to one another’s needs. Yet we rejoice that you have given us each other, and we dedicate ourselves to mutual support and love, trusting not in our own strength, but in your strong compassion.  Bless and guide us, triune God, and enable us to support and love each other.


Who trusts in God, a strong abode in heaven and earth possesses;

Who looks in love to Christ above, no fear the heart oppresses.

In you alone, dear God, we own sweet hope and consolation,

Our shield from foes, our balm for woes, our great and sure salvation.


We covenant in church and home this peace to show each other,

To represent your steadfast love as sister and as brother.

Oh, may we through each other know your grace which fails us never,

And find at last our true abode within your house forever. Amen


Prayers of Intercession

Mediation with Youth and Children


Scripture:        Ruth 1:1-18

Hymn                “Blessed Be The Tie That Binds” #680 vs. 1 & 3

Blessed be the tie that binds our hearts in Christian love,

The fellowship of kindred minds is like to that above.


We share our mutual woes, our mutual burdens bear;

And often for each other flows the sympathizing tear.

Sermon             Unraveled~ Ruth and Naomi


 Our Offerings  Celebrating the ways we can offer ourselves and our resources

to reflect Christ’s light in our care for others 

>Financial Tithes and Offerings can be mailed into the church office at 1707 South Oneida, Green Bay 54304

>Electronic direct deposit forms can be secured from the church office- call 920.499.4433

>Online Giving can be accessed at https://mmfa.info/west-side-moravian-church-wi-donation-form/


Closing Hymn               “They Who Jesus’ Follower Are”  #672

They who Jesus’ followers are and enjoy his faithful care,

by a mutual, hearty love their belief in Jesus prove.


Let us each for others care, each another’s burden bear,

To your church a pattern give, showing how believers live. 

Benediction & Postlude                                                                   CCLI 172614


Wednesday Vespers July 8th, 2020

Wednesday evening vespers

Posted by West Side Moravian Church on Wednesday, July 8, 2020


Congregational Core Values

Christ, Our Lamb Has Conquered! 

                      We follow as we Worship, Share in Fellowship and Christian Love                                                                      As we Learn to be Like Christ the Lamb                                                  &  In our Care for Others