Welcome to Our Congregational Webpage!                                          During the current COVID 19 Pandemic we continue to modify the ways we share in ministry. 

Sunday Worship is offered online with singing and liturgy at 9am.  At 10am Sunday we offer a brief prayer service in person in the sanctuary with masks, physical distancing, no congregational singing and liturgy.  At 10:30am we offer Sunday School for all ages via Zoom.   Wednesday vespers at 6pm are streamed online via our Facebook page.  

  If you feel led to support these ministry and emerging needs please go to https://mmfa.info/west-side-moravian-church-wi-donation-form/


Sunday, November 29th~ Season of Centering Live Stream at 9am @westsidemoraviangreenbay/facebook

Preparing for Worship Bring a candle to worship as we light the first candle on our Advent Wreath


Prelude, Words of Welcome, Reading from Today’s Daily Text

Lighting a Candle for Hope “People in Darkness Are Looking for Light” #266 vs. 2

People with sickness are praying for health, come, come, come Jesus Christ; people in poverty want to have wealth, come, Lord Jesus Christ.  These days of adventure when all people wait are days for the advent of Hope. 


Prayers of Intercession


Liturgy              Advent 1, page 49

Shout for joy, you heavens; rejoice, all the earth!  The glory of the Lord will be revealed, and all people together will see it.  For the mouth of the Lord has spoken.

Rejoice greatly, shout for joy!  See, your king is coming to you.  He is righteous and brings salvation.



Hail to the Lord’s Anointed, Great David’s greater Son!

Hail, in the time appointed, His reign on earth begun!

He comes to break oppression, To set the captive free,

To take away transgression, and rule in equity.


We praise you, the Lord God of Israel!  You came to the help of your people and have set them free.

You have raised up for us a mighty Savior, a descendant of your servant David.


You promised through your holy prophets long ago that you would save us from our enemies, from the power of all those who hate us.

You have shown the mercy promised to our ancestors and have remembered your holy covenant.


With a solemn oath to our ancestor Abraham, you promised to rescue us from our enemies and allow us to serve you without fear,

So that we might be holy and righteous before you all the days of our life.


By your tender mercy you cause the bright dawn of salvation to rise on us,

To give light to those who sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the way of peace.


         The voice of the messenger echoes from the desert, calling us to prepare the way of the Lord and to make a straight path on which he may come.  Let us confess our sins, so that our crooked ways will be made straight and the rough ways smooth.                             

Gracious Lord Jesus, you come to us with the good news of salvation, but too often we fail to notice.

You come to us day by day, yet we close the doors of our hearts when it seems convenient to do things our own way.  We ignore your presence and your leadership.  We have failed to act justly, to love

mercy, and to walk humbly with our God.  Forgive us, merciful Lord.  May we live so that the world

will know that you have come.  Amen.


Through John the Baptizer, we hear the Lord’s promise:  Turn away from your sins, and God will forgive your sins.

Tune:  TRURO

Lift up your heads, you mighty gates; Behold the King of glory waits;

The King of kings is drawing near; The Savior of the world is here.


Fling wide the portals of your heart; Make it a temple set apart

From earthly use for heaven’s employ, Adorned with prayer and love and joy.


So come, my Sovereign, enter in; Let new and nobler life begin;

The Holy Spirit guide us on, Until our glorious goal is won.


Eternal God, Ruler of all ages, graciously you come to us in order that we might come to you, through the merit of Jesus Christ, strengthened by the Holy Spirit.

Help us and all your children to respond to the call of your gospel with faith, love, and hope.


God of faith, you created humanity to serve and praise you; and even when we rebelled against you, you promised to send a Savior to redeem us from our sins:  Strengthen our faith in your saving work through Christ.  As you chose the people of Israel to hear the promise of redemption through the prophets, may people today believe in your good will for all that you have made.

God of love, you fulfilled your promise of a redeemer in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ:

Grant us the gifts of the Holy Spirit that we may share your love with the sick and the afflicted, with the poor and the homeless, with the victims of injustice and discrimination, and with all who are experiencing times of trouble.


God of hope, you comfort us through our Savior’s promise to return in glory at the end of time:

As we await the coming of the Prince of Peace, let us not despair.  We long for you to inspire all the nations and peoples of the world to turn to cooperation and nurture, rather than to hatred and destruction.


God of faith, love, and hope, to you and to you alone we pray:

For you are our God, the only God, forever and ever.  Amen.


Hymn  The Hosanna, page 239, part one sung by leader, part two sung by the congregation

Lord, you have kept the promise you made to our ancestors, and have come to the help of your

servant people.

You remembered to show mercy to Abraham and Sarah and to all their descendants forever!


We praise you, Lord.  You are enthroned in glory, yet you came and continue to come for all who will receive you.  We praise you, for you are good, and your mercy endures forever.

To you be glory and power, forever and ever.  Amen.


Tune:  REGENT SQUARE (585 D)

Praise to you, O Lord, we render for your love in Jesus shown;

May that love, so strong and tender, bind us fast to him alone;

Now and ever, Now and ever, gather us among your own.

Meditation With Youth and Children

Scripture          Daniel 6:6-27

Sermon             A Season of Centering


Our Offerings  Celebrating the ways we can offer ourselves and our resources

to reflect Christ’s light in our care for others 

>Financial Tithes and Offerings can be mailed into the church office at 1707 South Oneida, Green Bay 54304

>Electronic direct deposit forms can be secured from the church office- call 920.499.4433

>Online Giving can be accessed at https://mmfa.info/west-side-moravian-church-wi-donation-form/


Hymn                “Rejoice, Rejoice, the Kingdom Comes” #260

Rejoice, rejoice, the kingdom comes; be glad, for it is near.

It comes with joy surprising us; it triumphs over fears.  Give thanks, for as the kingdom comes

It brings God’s own shalom, a state of peace and justice where all with God are one.


Rejoice, rejoice, God’s will stands firm throughout all time and space.  It is a quiet, steady force

Pervading every place.  It snaps the brittleness of hate, unties the bonds of greed. 

It holds out love abundant which never fails our need.


Benediction & Postlude                                                                   CCLI 172614

Liturgy and Hymns Reprinted or adapted from the 1995 Moravian Book of Worship with the permission of the Interprovincial Board of Communication, Moravian Church in America. © 1995 IBOC. www.moravian.org; e-mail: pubs@mcnp.org. All rights reserved. 

Sunday, November 22nd~ Covenant Sunday!  


November 18th  Pruning 


Congregational Core Values

Christ, Our Lamb Has Conquered!  We follow as we Worship, Share in Fellowship and Christian Love As we Learn to be Like Christ the Lamb &  In our Care for Others